Mail-In Savings Center
What is the Mail-In Savings Center?
The Office Depot Mail-In Savings Center puts mail-in savings forms at your fingertips. It can be helpful in a number of ways:
  • Convenience. Forgot to grab a mail-in savings form on your way out of the store? No problem. Visit us online at and print out your missing form.
  • Pre-Shopping. Looking for that new printer? Maybe a scanner? Just search the Mail-In Savings Center and find out who's offering the best mail-in savings deals! Once you find the one you want, simply print out the form and come visit us at Office Depot!
Finding a Mail-In Savings?
There are several ways to find a mail-in savings:

You have the choice of searching by:
  • Product Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Product SKU
  • Model Number
  • Offer Number
  • combine any of the above in any combination

Once you have made your search choice(s), click the "Submit" button. The Mail-In Savings Center will check to see if there are any Mail-In Savings matching your search.

Once a match is found, it will appear on a list. When you have found the form you want, select it by clicking the link that is the name of the form in the Description column.

Printing a Mail-In Savings Form

Assuming you have a printer attached to your computer and it is installed correctly, printing a Mail-In Savings Form is easy. In most browsers, you simply click on the menu item located at the top of the browser window that says "File". A menu will appear. Select "Print" from that menu.

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